fill or preoccupy (the mind, actions or thoughts): "her mind was occupied with kick flipping that gap"

Why We Do This:

 Coming straight outta Oakland, Occupy Skateboards is here to make sure our brand of skateboarding never dies.... no matter how corporate and over run our culture gets with soccer dad’s, Olympic flames and mass media exposure. 

 We are Here to empower the youth and expose them to all that’s right in skateboarding. We are Here to respect the OG's and give em place to teach the youth and continue to show their love for "our thing.” Occupy is deeply rooted in DIY culture and activism that Oakland is synonymous with. Our concerns are more aligned with what we create and the footprint we leave on our culture for the generations to come.

 And (most) importantly we guarantee the BEST 7 ply maple boards and  highest quality clothing in our industry.... we only use the finest ingredients!

 Get on board or get lost

- The Occupy Team

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