At the 8 week point since our start….and the “sponsor me please” requests keep coming!

…..since our last post we narrowed the latest batch down to none other than the Livermore legend Rusty aka @master …….. the “tryout” was scheduled for that #Poopark by the sewage center and a ripping session ensued while the smell of crap wafted through the air. The trick selection and lines ol’ Rusty displayed were not crap however….. dude f’in ripped that spot like a champ!

Mos Definitely another fun ass day that ended in a goose attack , Russian River beer and some sweet edibles to ease the pain but unfortunately Rusty didn’t quite make the squad……. we forgot to tell him that you have to flip your board at least once during these showcases and sadly there wasn’t one single kick flap , tre bomb, varial flip or other such maneuver during the session…… we do love Rusty though so we’ll give him as many boards with short wheelbases as he needs and schedule another tryout soon …… 

As Always keep sending in those clips….. we’ll keep evaluating

#OccupySkateboards: making dreams almost come true!