We've been at it for 6 weeks now and have received over 100 “sponsor me” requests...... out of that we narrowed it down to THIS 1 dude for our first “tryout” -> the east bay legend @dannydarknessx..... however we cant put anyone on board that we don't get along with... both Jamie and i have a very low tolerance for nonsense.... so it's required that you hook up with us and skate a few times before it's official....... with help form our confidants Jesse, Cheese and Nick a sweet day trip was planned to our local diy spots to analyze this dude. We loaded the car with our new prospect and we were off to TI and lower bottoms with a little Emeryville meet up thrown in for shit’s and giggles…..  Fun ass day but unfortunately darkness didn’t quite make the cut. Apparently he was on a week long acid trip.... real hard to communicate with and only produced a a few clips. Definitely down to give him another try once he gets his micro dosing routine to a manageable level….We did get some sweet clips though and at least we got this sick edit and sweet photos to share….. and Danny scored some wood for his troubles!

Keep sending in those clips….. we’ll keep evaluating

#OccupySkateboards: making dreams almost come true