Occupy Skateboards Best Of 2019

A little known fact in the hood - we haven't launched Occupy yet. 2019 was the "trial period". No need to rush, no need to get excited. My transmother always told me if your going to do something do it right.... and it took us 9 months to get it right. However we killed it in our preparation for 2020 and even though Occupy isn't "official" until 01-01-2020 we still were able to get you one of "end of year lists" you crave so badly.

Occupy Skateboards Best Of 2019

The Best "Best Of" - Jesse's 2019 bangers were nothing short of insane. This is what Occupy Skateboards is all about right here. The Wicklow Wizard is going to blow minds in 2020!

Best Skate Photo: The world famous Cheese at the world famous Bob's makes for a world famous photo...... straight locked and loaded in his fresh jammies!

Best Weekend With Rusty: Weekend with Rusty 4 was smoked out and loc'ed out. The terror level was at a all time high and so was the crew. A fitting end to the first Occupy web series!

Best Crew Within a Crew: Occupy Youth don't fuck around!

Best Line of 2019: Emeryville End To Ender! I haven’t seen a line from end to end at the Emeryville Skatepark although i'm sure plenty exist. Doesn’t matter though cuz this is a Jesse line so you know it is going to be fire 🔥🔥🔥

Best Instagram Documentary: “There’s a Pontoon in my Pond: Better Than in the Water!”

A Instagram documentary brought to you by the fine folks at Occupy Skateboards! Featuring Hot Cheese as “Warm Hamburger” - Co Starring Rusty Himself as “The Water Boy” - Filmed and edited by The Mighty 4 Wheel BackScratcher. A modern day masterpiece to say the least.

Best Team Building Photo: Cheese and Rusty keeping it fluid

Best Instagram Story: Oakland's Most Blunted gets down on some local goods!

Best Non Team Rider Portrait: The world famous Antwuan knows what's up!

Best New Shape: Nothing better than a functional shape that you can

get down on in the parks and the streets. The T6 boasts a smaller wheelbase

for those in need of a tighter ride and snappier glide!

Best New Fit: The EMB sweatsuit is the hottest kit in the town!

What a great year 2019 was! Gearing up to get down took a lot of effort from the whole crew but it's official, Occupy Skateboards is open for business!