Sunday In The Park!

Shredding DUI with the Broken Wing Crew.

The sunny days of Summer are coming to a close so every weekend and every session

counts…… this sweet Bay Area weather aint going to last forever. When our friends at The Broken Wing Society invited us to break in their latest creation we couldn’t refuse - now is the time was the battle cry for the crew! Not only is this sweet weather pattern going to be gone soon but as you know any DIY spot could be gone by tomorrow morning…… we never snooze at Occupy Skateboards so we never lose!

Pakalolo Peniche'

While we patiently waited out the last couple of drying hours we hit the local favorites and collected clips like squirrels gathering up nuts for the winter….. shit went down and Hot Cheese’s fresh Hawaiian suntan lit the sesh ever brighter…… Good times once again and yes, we found Animal Chin.

Get out and skate!

#skatediy #occupyskateboards

Gerardo Ain't Afraid To Get Punk Rock!