Weekend With Rusty!

Rusty and His Dusty Crew!

The Foreman films in between breaking down the spine and picking naughty mushrooms from the cheeseburger patch….. a few homies sneak in a trick or 2 to boot!

Tearing down and transporting the spine to the Occupy Skateboards east bay compound is hard f’in work….. if you can’t get a few maneuvers in between rides with the Hippo and pulling out nails you’ll go nuts! Our foreman Rustoleum chose the spots and got work before and after the work was done….. besides almost getting beat up by a scary pack of cross dressing scooter dorks we had a couple successful sessions! All hail the Master Shredder!

guest spots by the coastal nomad Krey, the Wicklow Wizard and the Bretwood Big’n!