Weekend With Rusty #3: The Coach is Unleashed

These weekend excursions with Rusty and the crew never disappoint. In a mere 48 hours we gather enough footage and photos to create a fresh web article filled with killer photos and clips and we even get enough leftovers that keep our posts hyped till the next weekends adventure. The vibe and skill of the team involved in the Occupy Skateboards Project is nothing short of amazing…… the pointing, clicking, following and sweet angling obviously wouldn’t even go down if it wasn’t for these rippers. All Hail Rusty's Big Day Out, All Hail Occupy skateboards!

Rusty has accepted his new role in life as a skate coach so any slacking on moves or lack of motivation is out the fucking window now……. he runs a tight ship and his axles never slip. More stunts, more spots, more solid advice and more beers……Not only for the crew but for himself as well ...... that’s just the Master’s way. 5-0 to Fakie at Lower Bob's from the Coach while the dreamers dream of free weed.

Double IPA's can't slow down the machine that is Jesse Boudreau. Those Hubba's on the island had no other option than to submit...... 180 Switch Smither

With shades like this how can you not be a coach?

Let's face it..... the clips are what you've been waiting for. 48 Hours of fun for your face