K shapes hit that sweet spot between too tapered and too round. A perfect all around shape for any terrain!


  • K7 Shape: 8.25" W x 31 7/8" L x 14 3/8" WB


  • K9 Shape: 8.5" W x 32 3/8" L x 14.5" WB


  • W6: Shape: 9” W x 33” L x 15.25” WB  > The "Frankenstein"A combo of 2 of the hottest shapes on the market - this Frankenstein creation is one of the favorites for the big boy's

Molotov Cocktail: Oakland A's

  • 100% American Wood - Using USA Hard Rock Maple and USA Professional SK8 Glues. All boards are crafted in CNC Computer cut molds and pressed with extreme pressures and exact cycled molding times to assure the ideal glue lines. We strive to make the best so you can skate your best.